About Amy Wike

Photo courtesy of Lukas North.

I'm a DC-based fiber artist and lifelong knitter. My work plays with the ideas of translation, interpretation, and the complexities of language. I take small nuances of speech—turns of phrase, words that have multiple meanings, and the varying ways we interpret them—and abstract them beyond recognition by translating them into Morse code and knitting the transcription row by row with yarn. The resulting amorphous shapes act as visual representations of the intricacies of communication.

I aim to create a space where visitors are challenged to think about language in a way we aren’t used to experiencing it; visually, but also tactilely. Additionally, I hope to draw attention to the complexity of everyday speech. What I hope to achieve by dedicating hours to the translation and transformation of single sentences is to emphasize the profound feat that is modern language.

In addition to my work being exhibited widely in the DC area and across the Mid-Atlantic region, I have led a number of community knitting workshops, with partners including the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Luce Foundation Center, The Phillips Collection, and Code for DC.